Aluminum U Channel Railing

  • Frameless U Channel Deck Glass Terrace Railing PR-B43
Frameless U Channel Deck Glass Terrace Railing PR-B43

Frameless U Channel Deck Glass Terrace Railing PR-B43

  • u channel
  • frameless glass railing
  • glass terrace railing
  • Product description: 1.Our railing is very strong and safe, they can be used in terrible hurricane area like Caribbean, and test report is available. 2.We could design and quote according customers

Frameless U Channel Deck Glass Terrace Railing

Product Discription

Staircase Carbon Steel Stair Beam Square Beam /Mono Stringer 100*200*6mm+6mm Treads Support Plate
U Channel Stringer 300*(5+5)mm /300*(6+6)mm
Stringer 300*12mm/ 300*10mm

Straight Stair Sleeve keel/

Used Spiral Staircase Center Post

108*4mm *108*6mm

Staircase Treads

Laminated Glass

10+1.52+10mm For Straight Stair;

12+1.52+12mm For Spiral Stair

Solid Wood

30mm/50mm/60mm/100mm For Straight Stair;

38mm thickness Wood Treads For Spiral Stair

Wrought Iron 4mm thickness anti-slip plate
Stair Railing Tempered Glass 10mm/15mm/12mm tempered glass stair railing
Laminated Glass 6+1.14+6mm /8+1.14+8mm
304 Stainless Steel /316s.s Post 50.8mm/ 42.4mm/ 38mm/ 22mm Round Post /Customized
50*50mm/ 38*38mm Square Post Or Customized
6+6mm double plate/ 12mm single plate Flat Post
304s.s  /316s.s Standoff Diameter 38mm/ 42mm/ 50.8mm
304s.s /316s.s Spigots 40*40*160mm /50*50*200mm Square Spigots/ Customized
42*160mm /48*160mm/ 50*160mm Round Spigots

304s.s /316s.s Handrail

Solid Wood / PVC Stair Handrail

50.8mm/ 42.4mm/ 38mm Round Handrail / Customized
50*50mm/ 60*40mm Square Handrail / Customized
50*10*1.5mm Flat Handrail / Customized
304s.s /316s.s Accessories 4mm/6mm Cable / Wire Railing
Diameter 8mm Silid Rod Bar
12.7mm Hollow Tube
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