Aluminum U Channel Railing

Exterior Frameless Glass Balcony Railing/Balustrade with Aluminum U Channel PR-B38

  • outdoor aluminum glass balustrade
  • frameless glass balustrade
  • balcony glass balustrade
  • Product description: 1.Our railing is very strong and safe, they can be used in terrible hurricane area like Caribbean, and test report is available. 2.We could design and quote according customers

Exterior Frameless Glass Balcony Railing/Balustrade with Aluminium U Channel

Product Discription

Staircase Carbon Steel Stair Beam Square Beam /Mono Stringer 100*200*6mm+6mm Treads Support Plate
U Channel Stringer 300*(5+5)mm /300*(6+6)mm
Stringer 300*12mm/ 300*10mm

Straight Stair Sleeve keel/

Used Spiral Staircase Center Post

108*4mm *108*6mm

Staircase Treads

Laminated Glass

10+1.52+10mm For Straight Stair;

12+1.52+12mm For Spiral Stair

Solid Wood

30mm/50mm/60mm/100mm For Straight Stair;

38mm thickness Wood Treads For Spiral Stair

Wrought Iron 4mm thickness anti-slip plate
Stair Railing Tempered Glass 10mm/15mm/12mm tempered glass stair railing
Laminated Glass 6+1.14+6mm /8+1.14+8mm
304 Stainless Steel /316s.s Post 50.8mm/ 42.4mm/ 38mm/ 22mm Round Post /Customized
50*50mm/ 38*38mm Square Post Or Customized
6+6mm double plate/ 12mm single plate Flat Post
304s.s  /316s.s Standoff Diameter 38mm/ 42mm/ 50.8mm
304s.s /316s.s Spigots 40*40*160mm /50*50*200mm Square Spigots/ Customized
42*160mm /48*160mm/ 50*160mm Round Spigots

304s.s /316s.s Handrail

Solid Wood / PVC Stair Handrail

50.8mm/ 42.4mm/ 38mm Round Handrail / Customized
50*50mm/ 60*40mm Square Handrail / Customized
50*10*1.5mm Flat Handrail / Customized
304s.s /316s.s Accessories 4mm/6mm Cable / Wire Railing
Diameter 8mm Silid Rod Bar
12.7mm Hollow Tube
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